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As a young graduate from IIT, New Delhi and going to work in a tachometer factory in India, I quickly realized that for any business to advance, successfully perform on a global stage and become as profitable as possible, it needs to embrace technology with youthful vision, tireless dedication and hard work that ultimately has a positive social impact with accountability.

It was then that I embarked on combining these two lifelong passions into a successful business model and weaving them through the DNA of everything I do – identifying technologies that have the possibility to become remarkable disruptors, whilst delivering the optimum positive social result.

What quickly became apparent was how few powerful technological advances have come from major institutions – they almost always start with one entrepreneurial person having a visionary idea.

Whilst ideas are important, they will never succeed without a committed team that believe in that vision, hard work to turn that vision into a reality, the financial resource to grow the business and continue to research and develop to stay ahead in this technological revolution.

Kohli Ventures is set up to embody this approach and providing the necessary valuable management advice and hands-on experience entrepreneurs need to create a successful long term business model and connect these young high growth companies to important industry contacts.

Kohli Ventures recognizes that searching for life-changing innovations in a well ploughed landscape, is unlikely to reward the pioneer with hidden gems – therefore Kohli Ventures’ business focus is on emerging markets with high intellectual capital and a new generation of visionary go-getting young entrepreneurs.

We actively seek out those sparkling innovators who we believe can combine financial reward with a positive social footprint for all; we provide these young visionary innovators with the vital resources they need to accelerate their business plans and growth potential.

If you have a vision with the ability to inspire a strong work ethic and the belief you can be the best in your field, we would love to hear from you. Partnering with Kohli Ventures and its investment approach will make your vision a reality.

Who We Are

  • Facilitators of the development of early-stage, high-potential, growth start-ups, primarily with high, novel, disruptive technologies.
  • Providers of ‘smart capital’ – financial and intellectual capital, expertise, and guidance, business resources and global connections.
  • Mentors of a new generation of young entrepreneurs committed to maximizing the equity value of the businesses we invest in.
  • Backers of entrepreneurs with a strong work ethic, with the ability to inspire people and a strong desire to be the very best.
  • Investors and partners for the medium to long term – our typical investment horizon is five years with a clearly defined exit strategy to deliver superior returns on investment such as via an Initial Public Offering, Management Buy Out or trade sale.

Who We Are Not

  • Kohli Ventures does not believe in the quick ‘grab and run’ ideology.
  • We are not interested in small ideas operating in tiny niches – any investment must have the potential to be disruptive, whilst benefiting and improving the quality of life for all those around them.
  • We are not a bank – we provide ‘smart capital’, taking an equity stake and representation on a company’s board, where we can offer advice, relevant experience and put essential business structures in place.
  • We are not interested in a business or idea that is not scalable, patentable and a clear disruptor in its field with positive social impact, whether through its technology or the price point.
  • We are not interested in investing and partnering with a team that does not embrace our common culture of loyalty, integrity, entrepreneurial flair, innovation and the ability to impact global markets and society at large.


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