Elegant Technology is a Connecticut State Corporation with offices at 160 Water Street, in Norwalk, CT.It was founded in 2014, by Michael Staw and Tej Kohli, for the purpose of developing the highest quality CRM and CMS software, to service today’s high tech companies, and their needs to manage dynamic web content, and provide top level customer service.

Mr. Kohli provided both the inspiration and the investment capital for the formation of the company, leveraging his vast business knowledge, experience in marketing and customer relationships, and his vast network of business relationships.

Mr. Staw manages the day to day operations of the company, and draws from his significant experience in software development, management, and experience with start-ups.

Together, Messrs. Kohli and Staw, are developing a state of the art CRM/CMS (Customer Relationship Management / Content Management System), to be made available to customers in 2017.

The Product

The company’s initial product, ElegantWeb, is designed to help corporations manage two classically difficult problems: maintenance of dynamic web content, and tracking and supporting customers on their web sites.

ElegantWeb is designed to handle complex websites, and afford mid-level content managers the ability to add, change, and maintain dynamic content, in an environment where content is automatically archived and versioned, minimizing the risk of errors in the deployment of web site updates.

ElegantWeb also provides a customer support center, allowing company representatives to easily route and answer support tickets, without fear that tickets are lost, mishandled, or closed prematurely.

Finally, ElegantWeb incorporates sophisticated traffic tracking and attribution models that help companies analyze their web traffic, and are valuable tools in separating out which traffic sources are responsible for sales, as opposed to those which are responsible for traffic.

The Market

The Market for ElegantWeb is vast.  ElegantWeb is applicable to virtually every business that operates a website and directly interacts with its customers.  Elegant Technology’s initial target market is North America, with future plans to expand to South America and Europe.

As an indicator of the potential for ElegantWeb, the closest competitor would be SalesForce, which has a current market capitalization of approximately $53 Billion.

The Elegant Advantage

Elegant Technology’s advantage lies in the experience of its founders and it’s staff.  The Elegant team has developed CRM/CMS systems for web businesses since the early days of the web browser, and the successes and lessons learned are now being generalized to create ElegantWeb.

Early Objectives

The company estimates that it will take approximately 24-30 months to develop ElegantWeb, and the company hopes to have an initial Beta launch in the first half of 2017. The product is currently in development.

Product Details

Although ElegantWeb appears to clients as a seamless product, it is actually comprised of two distinct development efforts, namely ElegantCMS and ElegantCRM.ElegantCMS Product Description

ElegantCMS is the answer to the common problem of managing content on complex, dynamic websites.

In large, complicated websites, content maintenance is often performed by more than one individual, and in many cases, by multiple groups across numerous locations.  Web content is uploaded, and in most cases there is content archiving, software support for oversight, deployment scheduling, and many other features.

ElegantCMS changes all of that, first by managing permissions of individuals and groups, ensuring that content can only be uploaded and edited by individuals with permission to do so.

Beyond content creation, though, ElegantCMS manages the entire lifecycle of web content, by archiving and versioning of content, allowing managers to view and approve changes before they go live, in a staged environment.  This mechanism not only vastly reduces the chances of uploading erroneous content, but also provides a mechanism to roll back content to previous versions if necessary.

ElegantWeb provides support for differentiating content by geographical region, language, or any other criteria setup by the client site.

ElegantCRM Product Description

ElegantCRM is the heart of the customer service web experience.

ElegantCRM allows customer support agents the ability to communicate with end users on their own terms, regardless of whether it is by phone, email, web form, chat, Facebook, or other methods which can be incorporated at will.

The breakthrough in ElegantCRM is in its ability to tie into the ElegantCMS database, allowing customer service representatives to see exactly what end users see on their own individual views of the website, regardless of the customizations the ElegentCMS system has displayed.

In short, ElegantCRM gives customer services representatives and unprecedented view into what end users see, allowing for far more personalized support than in existing systems.

Additionally, ElegantCRM contains sophisticated tools to track users and traffic, allowing companies a new way to look at their sales, sources, and profit centers.

The combination of ElegantCRM and ElegantCMS allows for companies to cost effectively manage their content, better service their customers, uncover hidden profit opportunities, and more effectively manage and analyze their web traffic.

Progress To Date

Elegant Technology has been working diligently on both the design and implementation of ElegantWeb since early 2014.

At present, the company has implemented the traffic tracking module, and numerous core technologies related to both ElegantCRM and ElegantCMS.

It is anticipated that first customer installations will begin in early 2017.

Development will continue through that date, with refinements and feature expansion continuing for the foreseeable future.

The Elegant Team

Elegant Technology’s development team is a small but highly skilled and motivated team of seven professionals in the software development industry. As of December 31, 2014, approximately $800,000 has been invested in software development.  In the first ten months of 2015, and additional, approximately, $800,000 has been invested in software development, for a current running total of approximately $1.6Million.

It is anticipated that upon the completion of the initial system architecture, a team of up to 50 engineers, plus other supporting staff will be required to support the development initiative.