Kohli Ventures invests in innovative businesses across the globe, including but not limited to disruptive technology start-ups and high-growth companies. Investments are made in early and growth stage businesses, primarily in the technology, renewable energy, property, and medical innovations sectors, for which Kohli Ventures is a significant investor. Examples of successful historical and current investments include

Grafix Softech:

Grafix is an internet marketing consultancy specializing in the provision of internet marketing solutions. Grafix is headquartered in Costa Rica with branches in countries such as Gurgaon and India. Grafix Softech was launched in 1997 and has been providing quality solutions, including software development, to clients in South America and the world over.

Ozone Group:

Ozone Group is one of Bangalore’s premium property developers with a proven track record of innovation and customer satisfaction.
From residential condos and serviced apartments to integrated townships, hotels, resorts and business parks, Ozone combines design and technology to deliver innovative solutions to clients.

Zynergy Solar Group:

In December 2015, Kohli Ventures invested $10 million, into the Zynergy Group, full service company in the growing solar energy industry based in Chennai and Singapore. This year has shown high growth for Zynergy with potential orders of over USD $ 6 billion of its innovative solar powered irrigation pumps backed by the Indian government.

Dynacart Solutions:

Dynacart Solutions is a Dublin-based company which connects customers with international banks and financial institutions to facilitate electronic transactions. Dynacart offers easy and secure online payment processing products for merchants to accept payments online.


Kohli Ventures look to the future, investing in pioneering innovation with the potential to make the world a better place. We believe that there is always a way that we can improve the world and secure financial gain in unison. It is this conviction that drives us to invest in disruptive technology in finance, digital media, medical science and renewable energy.


  • Kohli Ventures believe in changing the world through innovation. Investing in financial technologies is not only a strong way of securing financial returns, it challenges the waythe future will be shaped. By changing the way that we finance ourselves we can create a fairer world for everyone.

    People are consuming more digital media than ever before. It’s a way of communicating with people on a worldwide scale; enabling, educating and providing an equal footing for those looking to enter into business online. Kohli Ventures know that investing indisruptive digital media platforms is not only sound for business, but is good for society. The future is digital and it’s important that we keep ourselves at the cutting edge of technology. 


    An introduction to one of our products:

    The world over, people are being robbed of their futures (and the future benefit they could deliver to society) by preventable and curable diseases which leave them disabled. This unnecessary suffering needs to end. Kohli Ventures are committed to investing in advancement in medical science, to find new ways of taking care of the world’s most vulnerable. 

    Leaving behind a better planet for our children should be the concern of every influential individual and philanthropist. There is no better way of ensuring the global future than by investing in renewable energy. Kohli Ventures recognise that innovation and investment in this sector is vital for progress and is devoted to helping pioneers in this sector. 

Disruptive technologies in finance, digital media, medical science and renewable energies.


Zynergy is a Singapore headquartered group offering end-to-end solar solutions; it currently operates across the emerging markets with a particular focus on India and Africa and has participated in various public-private partnership (PPP) initiatives.

Zynergy has a high calibre engineering team, offering Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) turnkey solutions and an exceptional Research & Development division specializing in creating innovative and affordable energy solutions. Its significant intellectual property has the ability to disrupt prohibitive cost barriers and democratise solar energy by making the products more affordable to the mass market. Compared to standard water pumps, Zynergy Solar Water Pumps cost significantly less, solving a big problem for farmers throughout the emerging markets and beyond. Zynergy has an innovative line of products not only in solar lighting but also in water filtration, water pumps, and refrigeration, at a fraction of the cost.

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Elegant Technology Inc

  • Research and Development team to develop Closed-Loop marketing optimisation technologies
  • Advanced Retention Automation Technology
  • Elegant CRM wraps powerful customer modeling and self-learning optimization technology.
  • Automated campaigns integrated with 360-degree touch-points of the customer .
  • Control groups and A/B split testing – with a press of few buttons you can analyze the impact of marketing campaigns.
  • Behavior modeling  -  predicting customer behavior and providing indicators and touch-points to impact customer behavior.
  • Tracking Churn
  • Integrated 360 degree with all major touch-points SMS, Email, Web.
  • Platform Neutral
  • Dashboard – reporting to suite all level of decision making.
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  • Payment gateway solution
  • Easily plugged in code for any online store
  • Merchants accepting online payments
  • Facilitating electronic transactions between customers and international banks

Cedars Online

  • Global web marketing and e-commerce agency
  • State of the art technology and business partners
  • Specializing in customer acquisition
  • Strengthening e-commerce relationships with customers

Ozone Real Estate

  • Developer of prestigious properties
  • Commitment to innovative architectural structures
  • Latest technological and business standards
  • Partners with both clients and investors

Should you believe your vision and business model meets our specific investment criteria and your qualitative approach to management and leadership is aligned with ours, please do contact the Chairman’s office by letter or phone:

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