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8 January 2016

How To Wake Up Motivated

Staying motivated can be difficult under even the best of circumstances. So how can you sustain motivation when your list of to-do’s is three pages long, you received yet another job rejection letter, and your car just broke down?

It starts by waking up early. Studies show that early rises are more productive and more successful than people who wake up later. Eating right and exercising are important too. A healthy body goes a long way to creating a healthy mind! Try sticking to an exercise regimen, it will get you used to self-discipline. In fact, a good way to exercise more is to skip the commute. Instead of being stuck in a car for hours, which will no doubt put a damper on the rest of your day, try walking, cycling, or catching public transport.

If you find it challenging to self-motivate, picking a person you admire can help you find your inspiration. Memorise their quotes, or keep a picture of them handy… Think to yourself, what would they do? Being optimistic goes a long way in helping to stay motivated throughout the day. After all, success always follows optimism! Optimism is about thinking about the solutions, not dwelling on problems.

When these problems arise, don’t think about quitting. You’ll never know how close you might have come to succeeding if you quit. Be singular and determined to achieve your goal. To end the day well, make sure you get to bed early and replenish your body and mind. Even the most motivated of people would find it hard to achieve their goals if they're over tired and fail to get enough sleep.

Motivation can be tapped into and then harnessed to your advantage. If you need a little encouragement, here are a few ways you can wake up motivated (and stay that way).


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