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 tej kohli
3 December 2014

Indian Institute of Technology

As an Alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), I was extremely interested to learn that Facebook recently hired two computer science students from IIT. The Institute has experienced a 30% rise in job offers to students compared to last year. It is reassuring to see that the US is finally recognising the amount of talent that is currently being cultivated in India, with almost two-thirds of students (approximately 2,000 people) leaving for jobs abroad each year, mostly to the US. In addition, it is the quality of talent which is so attractive, with many arguing that the students coming out of IIT are far more capable than those graduating from Universities such as Harvard and Stanford.


One aspect of the TejKohli Foundation is the aim to help all children in India to complete their elementary education. The success of these two Indian students is an inspiration to all, and I hope that my Foundation can help more children in the future reach similar career goals.