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3 August 2017

Jeff Bezos’s New Problem: How To Change The World Again

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Tej Kohli has been featured on in an article by business journalist Andrew Cave. In a piece discussing founder Jeff Bezos’s efforts to crowdsource ideas for philanthropic enterprises, Cave profiles Kohli’s charitable works, especially on tackling blindness worldwide, as potential sources of inspiration for Bezos.

Cave charts Kohli’s efforts to control and reduce corneal blindness worldwide by 2030, focusing in particular on the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute’s pioneering collaboration with the LV Prasad Eye Institute.

The piece goes on to explore some of Kohli’s other areas of philanthropic endeavour, including the solar water pumps project designed to help feed India’s growing population. Kohli states his belief in using emergent technologies to tackle the adverse effects of major changes such as globalisation and automation.

‘How you tackle these issues will make or break you.’

Click here to read the full Forbes article.