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 Kohli Ventures
2 February 2016

Kohli Ventures and Zynergy start $100m solar fundraising programme

Kohli Ventures and Zynergy Group Launch $100M Global Investment Drive for Solar Energy

‘A specialist in disruptive technologies, Tej Kohli, Chairman and CEO of Kohli Ventures, said: “This is both an essential part of the solution to moving the world away from non-renewable sources of energy and a key to unlocking greater economic growth for emerging and developing countries. Technology will continue to advance and push the dial in the renewable energy sector. The key is in finding those at the cutting edge to ensure first mover advantage”’

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Kohli Ventures, Zynergy start USD-100m solar fundraising programme

“London-based venture capital firm Kohli Ventures and India-focused off-grid solar products firm Zynergy Group Friday unveiled the launch of their joint USD-100-million (EUR 91.7m) global investment drive for solar power technology.”

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Solar venture seeks $100m

“The capital will help Zynergy, which specialises in solar-based applications for homes in rural communities, expand into new markets and develop its manufacturing and research and development operations.”

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Kohli Ventures, Zynergy Group Launch $100M Global Investment Drive for Solar Energy

“The $100m investment drive has been launched by Kohli Ventures and Zynergy to further fund and support ground-breaking technology within the renewable energy sector by providing Zynergy with working capital to help it build the business, expand into new markets, and further develop its manufacturing and R&D capabilities.”

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