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 tej kohli
16 January 2015

Lack of visibility for Google Glasses’ future

Google has announced that it is terminating sales of its Google Glass eyewear, launched in the US in 2013 and in the summer of 2014 in the UK.  Google has said that the Glass project will continue but outside Google X; instead it will be led by its current manager Ivy Ross, who will report to Tony Fadell, the CEO of Nest, its home automation business.  However, the likelihood of Google Glass ever emerging again in its current form is highly unlikely.

The Glass Collective, a funding consortium co-run by Google Ventures, is believed to have only invested in around four small start-ups focused on Glass and other tech investors have also been less than enthusiastic.  Whilst Google will easily be able to absorb the costs of development to date, entrepreneurs who have been working on and funding pioneering apps and games for Glass may find this news far less palatable.

The Google Glass is being terminated in the UK and the US. What does this spell for the future of wearables? Read more at

Wearables are in their infancy and perhaps one lesson to learn for future glasses is to focus more on both form and function – with both Ivy Ross and Tony Fadell coming from the fashion world, this is likely to be their focus.  Certainly the term ‘glassholes’ to describe the early adopters was almost as unflattering as the glasses themselves.