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12 August 2016

LVPEI Experience:Patient story Supplement with E-Newsletter

Take a look at our patient’s experiences of treatment through LVPEI for August 2016. We have the story of Mohammed Ali, a 22 year old from Oman who lost his sight in an accident whilst he was at work on a construction site. He visited the LVPEI for procedures to restore his sight, and now has functioning sight in his right eye. We also have the story of Masoom Ahmed who suffered from Retina Detachment from an early age and sadly lost his vision as a result. His father and the doctors were sceptical about the procedure being a success as the condition was so far advanced. After visiting the LVPEI for treatment, 50% of his sight has been restored. Both patients now, as a result of the help received through the LVPEI have functioning sight and are able to carry out normal everyday tasks, which they were previously unable to do. To read their full stories, please see newsletter below:TKCINewsletterB