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24 August 2016

Making The Most of Disruptive Technology – TejKohli featured in The Telegraph

This week, our leader and founder TejKohli has been featured in The Telegraph and on The Telegraph Online, offering his unique perspective on one of our time’s most important and revolutionary developments – disruptive technology.

As the tech entrepreneur and innovator behind TejKohli Ventures, TejKohli Cornea Institute, the TejKohli Foundation and the TejKohli Group, TejKohli knows a thing or two about disruptive technology –and in these interviews, he expands upon some of his experiences, offering advice to those struggling to implement disruptive technologies in their own businesses.

Stressing the importance of considering the business side of disruptive technology, rather than simply introducing it for its own sake, Mr Kohli stated: “We should not look for the problem before we look for the solution”. Mr Kohli cited Instagram as an example of a platform which considered the market for their technology, and timed their release perfectly, to great success – he also emphasised the importance of everyone within an organisation understanding and being on board with any new disruptive technology, to ensure its successful implementation.

Speaking on one of his own successful businesses, Kohli Ventures, Mr Kohliexplained his decision to invest in solar pumps – the perfect example of getting on board with an exciting, important new technology which was at that time underexploited, Mr Kohli noticed a problem farmers were experiencing with irrigating their farms, which causes food shortages. Kohli Ventures’ solar pump not only helps the farmers, it is eco-friendly, profitable (despite costing the farmers a third of the price of traditional pumps) and humanitarian – the perfect disruptive technology.

Mr Kohli also discussed his not-for-profit, TejKohli Cornea Institute, and its drive to end corneal blindness, announcing the company has been able to bioengineer corneas, reducing dependence on donor corneas. This fantastic development will prove key in achieving the TejKohli Vision – to eliminate corneal blindness by 2030.

The TejKohli Vision, as encapsulated in each of his distinct, yet linked companies, has always placed great significance on the importance of disruptive technology – indeed, Mr Kohli states in his Telegraph Online interview that “disruptive technology is the only way to grow”. This forward thinking and business acumen is what has made the TejKohli conglomerate the success it is today – and anyone hoping to make their way forward in the field of disruptive tech can gain insight and inspiration from TejKohli’s advice.