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15 November 2016

Ocular Trauma, Reaching Out Rurally and Partial Transplants: The TKCI Newsletter is Here

Over the last year, our work here at TejKohli Cornea Institute and LV Prasad Institute has broken new ground: we’ve been making a focused effort to extend our reach, branching out to ensure our eye care is available amongst the rural communities who need it the most.

Currently, most rural patients have to travel at least 100 km in order to reach vital sight-restoring procedures such as corneal transplants, but our center at Dhulipala serves more than 3000 patients a month, and undertakes upwards of 450 surgical procedures in the same time frame – and better still, we are training local doctors, to ensure that they have the skills needed to treat simple corneal complaints. This will eventually reduce the amount of travel time patients must undertake to receive the help they so desperately need. We are incredibly proud of the tireless efforts of our 400+ staff currently striving to improve care conditions in these rural areas.

This work is particularly important because the most common cause of corneal blindness relates to ocular trauma and infections – and these injuries and diseases are more prevalent in rural areas. As many as 90% of these issues can be easily prevented or treated, making access to basic eye care of fundamental importance. Our founder, TejKohli, may have a personal net worth of an estimated £4.5 billion, but he has not lost sight of his mission to eliminate preventable blindness by 2030 – and that includes reaching out to those who are suffering the most, yet receiving the least attention and assistance.

We have attached a short video below, showcasing the tireless efforts of our staff and organisation – it explains how we’ve managed to successfully reach out to these oft-overlooked communities, performing corneal transplants and other complex procedures. It also explains how we’ve begun to branch out into partial corneal transplants, reducing recovery time and transplant risks – we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we’ve enjoyed helping our patients!

So please enjoy the video below and our attached newsletter, and don’t forget to share them with your network – by working together and spreading awareness of this important cause, we can all be successful in making a tangible, lasting difference and reducing the devastation caused by easily preventable eye conditions.