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30 July 2015

Sci-Fi – Not Just A Movie Genre – It Is Coming To Life!

This week Mr Kohli had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Jonny Gates. Jonny hosts RTV Marbella Now. The two took some time to discuss two of Mr Kohli’s favourite things: Technology Firstly, they discussed Artificial Intelligence and how the not-so-distant-future sees us paying a visit to a robot rather than a GP when we feel under the weather.  The Terminator may have seemed far-fetched when it first came to our screens all those years ago but, Mr Kohli is a firm believer that bionics is something that will surely feature in our day-to-day lives in the next 5-7 years. Some may find this unsettling, he finds it incredibly exciting and genuinely thinks our standard of living will be greatly improved as a result.  The exponential growth that continues to shape technology and, in turn, our planet is set to go from strength to strength. Philanthropy This is a topic very close to Mr Kohli’s heartache.  The two discussed the impact of philanthropy on eradicating disease from the planet.  The Gates Foundation are making great headway in this sphere – truly a inspiration to us all.  The Kohli Foundation strives to reduce the plight of the millions who suffer with curable blindness – Mr Kohli and his team are working hard to improve the rate at which this can be done; inventing a sustainable way to create synthetic corneas.  In the meantime, they are also helping to improve health, wellbeing and education across the world. Want to watch the conversation in full?  You can, here: