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 tej kohli
10 August 2016

Tej Kohli featured on

Veteran entrepreneur and serial investor Mr Tej Kohli has written an article sharing his tried, tested and most valued tips on pitching to investors. A pitch can make or break a small business, no matter how good the product or service, so the importance of getting them just right is a crucial part of being a successful entrepreneur. Mr Tej Kohli talks about body langue, timing, culture and the importance of corporate social responsibility. “I expect a pitching entrepreneur to have taken corporate social responsibility into account, and to know what problems they can solve to make the world a better place.” As both an investor and an entrepreneur himself, Tej Kohli is able to provide a detailed and valuable insight into both sides of the investor fence. A must read for entrepreneurs and business owners to ensure each pitch has all the vital aspects to take things from just a pitch, to a successful pitch and lead into new professional relationships. Click here to read the full article on