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 tej kohli
5 November 2014

The end is in sight

When I am away from work I spend a great deal of time and effort focusing on my great passion, the TejKohli Foundation. I have long stated my commitment to the eradication of corneal blindness. However, whilst a cornea transplant is an easy procedure there is a major shortage of donated corneas. An astonishing 4.6 million of India’s blind people could be treated through corneal transplant. It is for this reason that we are investing significant amount of time and financial resource in supporting technological advances with the potential to reverse this dreadful condition.

To date, many of the ‘solutions’ have been unsuitable for mass use primarily due to the human eye’s rejection of a foreign body. The structure of a cornea is made up of collagen so our primary interest is in the artificial growth of collagen in yeast to enable the production of new corneas that will give the gift of sight to thousands of people once again. Watch this space!