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21 July 2017

The Power of Purpose: Featuring Tej Kohli

Our founder, tech entrepreneur and philanthropist Tej Kohli, isn’t usually one to hog the limelight – he tends to focus on helping others and growing his businesses, instead. But now, it seems the limelight has sought him out regardless. Mr Kohli has been featured in fellow philanthropist John O’Brien (MBE)’s latest book, ‘The Power of Purpose: Inspire teams, engage customers, transform business’.
O’Brien’s book, which was co-authored by Andrew Cave and published by Pearson in January 2017 to unanimous 5* reviews, analyses the common characteristics of ethical, purposeful leaders through interviews with 50 inspirational figures including Sir Richard Branson, Paul Polman, Dame Julia Cleverdon and, of course, our very own Tej Kohli. By examining these famous leaders, the book advises readers on how to create more purpose in their own businesses, as well as multiple other invaluable business tips and strategies.

If you’d like to learn about how ethical leadership can transform your business, and to read Tej Kohli’s inspiration and advice, pick up a copy of The Power of Purpose from Amazon – and prepare to be intellectually invigorated!