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29 May 2015

Top 5 Gadgets for Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur is pressed for time and the slightest disruption can have a broad impact on the days’ schedule. We must always be prepared to tackle the inherently varied demands that are intrinsic to entrepreneurship. Having first hand experienced of these challenges, I’m always looking out for new technology that can be used to streamline my daily routine. It may be a piece of software or a handy gadget. Improving business productivity is of prime importance to me, as to every entrepreneur: here are a few examples of technology that I believe can do just that.

The Portable Keyboard

The Logitech Keys-To-Go is a thoroughly practical piece of technology. A tablet computer is a must-have for entrepreneurs: they are an excellent way to stay connected and the technology keeps improving. But using a tablet for long stretches without proper keyboard can be irritating. Unlike most iPad keyboards, the Keys-To-Go attaches to your iPad using Bluetooth. This gives the user far more flexibility as it doesn’t require you to have a bulky case on your iPad (it actually doubles as an iPad cover during travel). It’s also incredibly lightweight and slim so that it’s easy to slip into carry-on luggage when travelling.

In addition, the keyboard has an unbroken, durable coating that can be wiped clean and protects it from being damaged in transport. And it has an excellent battery life. You can use the Keys-To-Go with your iPhone too, making sending emails on-the-go remarkably simple. For entrepreneurs that travel a lot, as I do, this is a brilliant piece of tech: one can seamlessly move between boardrooms, cities, countries, without needing to be lumbered by a laptop.

The Smartwatch

The Pebble smartwatch is truly innovative. With a battery life of up to seven days, this handy gadget means that you can relax in the knowledge that, without having to handle your smartphone, you’ll always be aware of calls and notifications. The Pebble Time Steel is the latest from Pebble – an almost identical device to the original Pebble Time but with a new body. The Steel comes with a brushed stainless steel face and a leather or stainless steel strap. The result is a smartwatch that has the elegance of classic wristwatch. And the extended battery life means you needn’t worry about running out of charge when travelling.



The Smartpen

The Livescribe 3 Smartpen is the latest device from Livescribe. Only a little heavier than a normal pen, the Smartpen tracks tiny dots on specialised paper (supplied by Livescribe or printed with an inkjet printer) using a tiny infrared camera. Your notes are sent via Bluetooth to your OS device and instantly digitalised into editable, typed text. The Smartpen allows you the freedom to sketch or write anything which can then be archived, shared or developed using your smartphone, tablet or computer. It can also sync with your device to record audio whilst simultaneously being used to take written notes.

The app used in conjunction with the Smartpen recognises 7 different languages including Japanese, ideal for the global entrepreneur. The Smartpen is an invaluable piece of technology for every entrepreneur: every idea or memo can be captured and stored, whatever the circumstances or location.

The Portable Battery Charger

The myCharge Hub 6000 is a power device that has built-in USB ports and Apple Lightning connector; it can charge up to three devices at once and provides up to 27 hours of additional talk time. This small portable charger is a necessity for any entrepreneur for whom running out of battery life on a smartphone can be disastrous.

The Sound-system

Although we may sometimes forget it, in order to be truly productive, we must also dedicate time to relaxation. Whether that time is spent solo or with friends and family, it is important that it is spent. The elegant Sonos System unites three compact devices to provide a surround-sound experience ideal for listening to music or for a home theatre. The three devices can be used independently or in tandem, building layers of sound for an immersive experience.

All three devices are wireless and can be controlled via the Sonos app making treasured (and rare) relaxation time straightforward and hassle-free.

We certainly live in an era of great technological advancement and the ease by which we can now integrate advanced technological devices into our everyday lives is reflective of that fact. Technology can be a great facilitator for creativity, connectivity and productivity. For the entrepreneur, this is priceless.