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 tej kohli
18 February 2015

Wearables – passing fad or the future?

I was inspired to write today after seeing a young man wearing a LED t-shirt. I thought that the garment was a bit outdated in this age of Google Glass and smart watches. Perhaps he was going for a retro look?

Despite the recent brilliant advances in wearable technology, for me, there remains a great deal of implications when it comes to the practicalities of fashion colliding with technology. I think many of the products currently on the market need refining before swathes of consumers start regularly wearing them.


I often question whether a smart watch is comfortable.It seems thatconsumers are increasingly open to having their movements monitored – a sign that constant connectivity with technology is high on the agenda. But, will people want to be connected with technology all the time, especially if the wearable does not fit with fashion tastes? Are there any health implications?
These technologies are fantastic for our personal safety and monitoring our health and I certainly think they will eventually become an essential part of our wardrobe. However, aesthetically they certainly need to gain some sophistication before I become a regular wearer.