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 tej kohli
24 August 2015

Why we need more awareness around corneal blindness

When a disease or health issue is incurable it’s beyond devastating but when there are cures for horrific health problems such as corneal blindness we need to push for greater awareness and campaigning as there is the power to save so many lives.

Did you know that 4.6 million of India’s blind population could be treated through corneal transplants? Did you also know that 60% of that 4.6 million are children? Imagine being able to change a child’s life so they never had to experience life in the dark again. At the Tej Kohli foundation we treat adults and children alike but the resource of healthy donated eyes stands only at 0.3-0.4%.  With increased awareness we hope that this figure will be able to grow exponentially.

But we should also be concerned with education. If we can grow awareness for corneal blindness then we are already changing the future of so many lives. Treatment and protection is without a doubt the best way to avoid corneal blindness. The three biggest causes of corneal blindness are trauma, infections and a vitamin A deficiency. When something as simple as having more vitamin A in your diet means you can avoid corneal blindness then it seems like something worth increasing awareness for. 350,000 children are blinded by a vitamin A deficiency every year but the sad fact is that the majority of these children will die within a year of losing their vision to corneal blindness.

Change lives and raise awareness for corneal blindness.


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