About Kohli Ventures

Since 2006 Kohli Ventures has transacted a major investment into a leading European robotics-focused venture studio. We have made Europe’s largest ever esports investment. We have funded an M&A roll-up in the US healthcare sector. We have acquired B2C e-commerce provider dynacart and turned it into a global player. We have backed a renewable off-grid energy company providing devolved power generation to thousands homes. And we have made private market investments into hyper-growth companies SpaceX and PrimaryWave.

The genesis of Kohli Ventures is a conglomeration of companies specialising in online payments and associated technologies which were founded by Tej Kohli in 1999 and then sold in a series of high-value trade sales. Following this major liquidity event, Tej Kohli established three organizations: 

1. The Zibel Real Estate portfolio was established to invest in real estate opportunities.

2. The Tej Kohli Foundation and the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation were established for philanthropy. 

3. Kohli Ventures was established as a vehicle for Tej Kohli to invest in high-growth ventures.

Today Kohli Ventures continues to invest the private capital of Tej Kohli and the Kohli family into ventures that fit within our verticals and our strategies. If you would like to pitch an investment to Kohli Ventures, please first read our ‘Do’s and Don’t’ list below:

DO pitch for investment in a revenue-generating enterprise with a clear path to exponential growth.

DO pitch private market opportunities to invest in established private companies that are not available to ordinary investors.

DO be willing to sacrifice a majority stake if pitching growth-stage ventures in return for perpetual investment backing.

DO pitch opportunities that are aligned with our existing investment verticals.

DO be seeking an investment partner to add both financial and intellectual capital to a growth stage venture.

DO find a mutual acquaintance or connection to introduce you to our team.

DON’T pitch for investment in a fledgling pre-money start up.

DON’T pitch managed investment funds or wealth management services.

DON’T pitch illiquid minority stakes in growth-stage ventures that plan to be engaged in perpetual fundraising and dilution.

DON’T pitch investments that fall outside of our investment verticals.

DON’T be seeking a passive minority investor in growth-stage ventures.

DON’T send unsolicited emails or cold pitch to us without an introduction.

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