Exponential Growth Investments

Exponential Growth Investments

As the number of Unicorn companies has flourished during the last decade, we continue to seek early and growth stage investments in enterprises with exponential growth prospects.  Our high levels of liquidity and long investment time horizons have enabled us to make over $100m of investments into funds that are backing enterprises with the potential to become the next generation of Unicorns.

In the past five and a half years, the number of Unicorn companies grew from 165 to 743. The surge in fintech investment is one example of the unprecedented capital flowing into Unicorn companies. Fintech also saw a 35% CAGR of new fintech companies from 2016 to 2021.

Our Exponential Growth strategy is to take long positions in companies based on the principles of the ’Six Ds of Exponential Growth’ by Peter Diamandis by investing into private managed funds.  Our strategy seeks to provide risk diversification across a wide portfolio of exponential growth opportunities.


Our exponential growth investments are transacted by our associated Family Office in the form of investments into the Switzerland-based ‘Rewired’ investment funds, which are focused on artificial intelligence, robotics and esports.  

Rewired is a Switzerland-based technology and esports focused venture studio that invests in the component technologies of the AI revolution.


The Rewired Esports Venture Fund is one of Europe’s largest investors into the global esports mega-trend.


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