Control Orientated Investments

Control Orientated Investments

As established companies fail to adapt to the changing global trends and capital becomes more difficult to access, buyout and turnaround opportunities offer the potential for superior investment returns.  Our high-levels of liquidity combined with the intellectual capital of our wider portfolio of investments enable Kohli Ventures to take controlling equity stakes in undercapitalised enterprises with a pathway toward a high value exit or the ongoing redemption of high yields.

Our Control-Orientated strategy is to take majority stakes in commercially-sound enterprises that are unable to fund visible rapid growth or to fund the journey to market with a proprietary medicine or biotechnology, and to capitalise the company with requisite funding and intellectual capital to deliver substantial future investment return.  Frequently we seek control-orientated investments with a clear path toward 100% ownership.


Our control orientated investments are focused on proprietary biotechnology and integrated B2B and B2C e-commerce opportunities:

Detraxi is developing proprietary biotechnology solutions that could one day solve major global health challenges including the blood donation shortage and the organ donation crisis; as well as enhancing medical diagnostics.

Dynacart Holdings is an integrated e-commerce platform with nearly two decades of successful growth.  Dynacart operates a portfolio of category-leading B2C e-commerce websites with a focus on new and emerging markets.

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